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About Balance Growth Therapy

Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting

At Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting we help people achieve their mental health and performance goals through authenticity, exploration and growth. We strive to provide a BETTER approach to care. For us, BETTER is an acronym that guides the way we practice and treat our clients. 


We strive for BALANCED care through EVIDENCE-BASED practices and treatment, using proven TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that are EFFECTIVE and encourage RESILIENCY for our clients in their management of stress, trauma, anxiety - or just life in general.

Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting  Family and Military Trauma and Loss Support

Past Meets Present

After working for more than a decade with active duty military and their families, we have developed unique skills to assist those experiencing trauma, loss and performance difficulties.

Elite competitors and athletes, share several character traits, mental and physical capability with the tactical military population, which we have unique insights into and years of experience supporting. Our goal is to bring this skillset and encourage a higher level of growth and mental stability to as many people as possible.

Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting Mental Performance and Sports Psychology

Who We Help

Based in Virginia Beach, VA, we serve the greater Hampton Roads area - offering several different types of therapy and treatment for varying mental health needs. 


We work predominantly with adults and older adolescents (13+) who are facing difficulties, problems or challenges that require more than a friend’s advice to overcome.  These are problems that can often lead to depression and/or anxiety, pain, or anger and get in the way of daily living. 

Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting What to Expect Therapy Session

what to expect

You should have the highest expectations when it comes to your experience at Balanced Growth, because we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the mental health care we provide to our clients.


We utilize the latest research, best methodology and most effective treatment options in our therapy and everything is tailored around you and your goals.


Jessica Branham has been practicing clinical social work for more than 14 years.  Focusing on work with children, adolescents and families, Ms. Branham completed clinical rotations throughout New York City before relocating to Hampton Roads in 2008. In Norfolk, Ms. Branham was hired at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters to support and aid children and their families dealing with chronic and life changing illnesses.  


Alexis Davies-Hackenberg, MSW + Supervisee in Clinical Social Work

A native of Hampton Roads, Alexis Davies-Hackenberg grew up in Virginia Beach with her family. She received her bachelor’s degree in social work from Virginia Wesleyan University in 2022 and her master’s in social work through Virginia Commonwealth University’s Advanced Standing program in the summer of 2023. 

Alexis Davies-Hackenberg Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting_edited.jpg


We offer years of experience paired with the necessary qualifications to help with a variety of mental health, relationship, and performance issues.


Fear and sadness are normal emotions we all experience at times, when they begin to take up a majority of the day its time to find a better way to cope. We work with you to uncover and address the underlying causes of your anxiety or depression,  and develop coping strategies to help you manage the symptoms.


Stress, anxiety, or poor sleep habits could be negatively impacting your quality of sleep. We will identify and treat the factors contributing to your insomnia and optimize your time in bed and improve your sleep quality.



Behavior concerns and communication barriers within the home can have a big impact.  We use the family-systems theory and solution focused therapy to improve these areas with the goal of healing and recovery.



Experiencing trauma affects both mental and physical health, and quality treatment of the symptoms related to it is complex. It is rare to find a therapist trained in all four evidence based therapies for trauma - including EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy for trauma, but that is what you will find at Balanced Growth, the ability to choose from the best practices the therapy that will be best for you.


Exploring causes of your problems with attention and concentration first we will then partner with you to create personalized strategies to increase focus and improve cognitive functioning.


Wellness is more than physical strength and health. Overall mental health represents a comprehensive and complex set of needs ranging from problems with functional wellbeing, all the way up to increased performance capability. Whether you’re an athlete, artist, business executive, or work in the tactical field our services will push you to grow, change, meet and exceed your goals.


Returning to regular activity and functioning after a mild or moderate TBI is possible with the right educaiton and treatment.We are trained and have years of experience with the support and treatment of a single or multiple TBIs in adolescents and adults.


Anger or irritability can become more pronounced over time or increased while our tolerance for frustrating and annoying things decreases.  When uncontrolled this causes problems with relationships. Developing effective coping strategies to manage and regulate emotions, improve communication skills, will lead to healthier relationships, and more control over difficult or stressful experiences.


Relationships are complicated and over time stress impacts the health of the couple. Our goal is to increase connections between you and your partner with tools to better understand one another's emotions, overcome past hurt, improve communication, and thrive as a couple.  

Don't see what you're experiencing listed in our treatment areas?

mental performance

Mental health and mental performance are two distinct but interrelated aspects of psychological well-being. While mental health refers to the overall state of one's psychological and emotional well-being and day to day ability to function, mental performance refers to one's cognitive abilities and capacity to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively. It is possible for an individual to have good mental performance but poor mental health, and vice versa.

Balanced Growth Therapy + Consulting Mental Health


In order to provide the best care to our clients we do not currently accept insurance.  All fees are due at the time of service.  Please keep in mind, your insurance company may provide reimbursement for treatment and we encourage you to check with them to see if this is possible.  Upon request, we will create a “superbill" for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  This superbill will contain an itemized list of the treatment you received, the therapist's license number, tax ID number and any diagnosis you recieve. This “superbill” is required for out of network coverage and reimbursement.  






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